The Future of Traveling - Will it be Cheaper?

By Sass

The Future of Traveling - Will it be Cheaper? Public Domain Pictures

With the pandemic seemingly adamant about being around for a while, a lot of flyers have been shuffling for refunds, itinerary changes, and other stressful things. Both the airline and hotel industry have been laying off a significant number of employees which does not help ease travelers apprehensions about making bookings. But one thing that many travel experts have pointed out is that the current state of things will not last forever (in a good way).

Travelers will be more health conscious, but that shouldn't affect expenses for airlines

A number of infectious disease epidemiologists have indicated that health will be a priority for a lot of travelers. Dr. Nabarun Dasgupta, an epidemiologist at UNC believes that if a coronavirus vaccine becomes available, it will likely be a recommendation for anyone who plans to travel. This is something that the aviation industry does not need to align itself with for the time being. Perhaps the expense for them will way more heavily on what requirements are made by governing bodies.

Deals will be better, but it depends on what you choose to do

Checking websites such as Kayak, and doing searches on Google Flights shows that the costs of flights are definitely much cheaper. For example, a deal from Scott's Flights from not too long ago showed round-trip tickets to Puerto Rico for the summer from New York ranging from $80 to a little over $100 USD. Yet, in contrast, flights to Poland were still relatively expensive until close to December, and more than regular. This might have something to do with the country's restrictions on inbound international flights. Overall, it looks like flights will generally be the same in terms of pricing as time progresses.

Airbnb and accommodation in general

One thing that will be disappointing news for Airbnb hosts and the hotel industry is that prices for accommodation have significantly dropped. This will be a great bargain for travelers, and especially those that prefer longer stays. Looking on Airbnb at the moment shows that some locations in New York have dropped by over 50% in price for upcoming reservation dates. In countries where the USD remains strong, such prices are even cheaper.


Overall, it appears that flying will change in style, but prices for flights will eventually crawl back to their normal state. On the other hand, accommodation will remain much cheaper than usual until things settle out with the pandemic. It would be safe to say that if one loves to travel, there really is no reason to stop. The only thing that is necessary is to take extra precautions before hitting that next destination.