How to Maintain Positive Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Sass

How to Maintain Positive Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic Photo: Daniel Xavier

Everything is different now. Things that used to be simple and straightforward, even things like going to the grocery store for food, will never be the same again (well, at least not for the next few months - no drama intended). With the media's attention being completely focused on the pandemic, potential vaccines, and other chaotic topics, it's difficult to stay positive. The worst part about everything is that very little attention has been given to the mental health of people during such a time. Seriously, is everyone just expected to stay at home and cook pancakes all day? Not quite.

With anxiety high in everyone's mind, one of the best things one can do is to sit back, take a deep breath, and analyze some of the things that are negging people's mental health and well-being. Just because you're washing your hands 100 times per day doesn't mean you shouldn't not make time to cleanse out all the stress from these day to day quaratines.

Don't go too hard on yourself - what should you do during quarantine?

It's important to social distance when you're in public, and also be considerate of others. But what about yourself? Time can really turn into torture if one goes on repeat mode doing the same things every single day, and not getting any value back in return. In such cases, it's best to create a list of things that you want to do. Think of these things as little baby steps towards achieving greater goals. Each goal doesn't have to be big, and definitely doesn't have to be extravagant. The important thing is to motivate oneself to be the best that one can be. So if you've always had a passion that you haven't had time for, now is the best time to get better at that passion. It could be learning a new dance move, or even brushing your teeth with a different hand. The sky's the limit.

Remember that you're not alone in this

Going back to the concept of this quarantine/lockdown thing, it's easy to forget that a real world exists out there with real people. Let's admit it, maybe everyone is a little miserable right now, but things will change. Catch up with friends on the phone or via social media. Apps such as House Party are a great way to pass time with people who may be a little far from home. There are also plenty of different applications and websites that can connect your interests with the community. Maybe you've always wanted to learn Japanese or French. Well, why not try Duolingo? Some of these platforms are also hosting live streaming events. So instead of going to Coachella this year, you can check out all your favorite celebrities performing on YouTube, or something similar.

How to keep active and healthy

Some say endorphins have a lot to do with how someone is feeling. Good vibes definitely come from good exercise. Fitness classes and other active classes are becoming more and more popular online. What better time to get in shape and feel good then now? If you get tired from a nice workout, the healthy living doesn't just stop there. Try out meditating. This 5 minute meditation is seriously great stuff, and a good place to start:

Know where to get help

This is the final and probably most important part of maintaining positive mental health during this whole pandemic. A lot of people tend to ignore what they are feeling emotionally and mentally until things get completely out of order. Don't be that person! There are plenty of places to go when you need the right support from people who genuinely care about you and your well-being. Check out local support groups as well as home treatment options. Flow is a great example of a resource that assists people suffering from depression. Other options also include reaching out to support hotlines that are active all day and all night.

To wrap things up, no matter what you're feeling during this time, remember to try out the things from this list. Stay strong, and safe, both physically and mentally. We'll all get through this together in the end.