How K-Pop Changed My Life

By Jennie

How K-Pop Changed My Life Wikimedia

Music is always evolving, and so are people. K-pop enthusiast Jennie (not her real name, but playfully selected) shares her affinity for K-pop by explaining how the genre changed her life, and more in her own words.

I'm 19 years old from California, and I think that being 19 is a seemingly perfect age for being both responsible and adventurous. My parents are normal, and my friends are normal, at least for the most part. With friends comes adventures, and with adventures come experiences.

I met my Asian boyfriend at a K-pop party. It was completely by accident and also not expected since I went to the party with my friends (like I said, with friends, come new experiences). I knew nothing about the genre before going to the party, and when my friends had tried to introduce me to the genre before, I would begrudgingly listen to songs in the car with them. Then last April, a K-pop party sprung up, and I was invited.

For anyone who don't know what a K-pop party is like, well, it's basically a cluster of K-pop fans gathered together to dance to and enjoy K-pop. A lot of the K-pop parties around the world are run by local student organizations or ARMY members. Not like military army, but like BTS ARMY army. The ARMY for BTS stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth, and this ARMY is serious about getting anything related to BTS, including K-pop parties, done right. This is where my future slash now boyfriend came into play. His sister was part of the ARMY, and she just so happened to drag him along. Like me, he had no interest in K-pop prior to attending the event.

How the music got me before the boys

My background is in dance, and my friends knew this. This is exactly how they got me interested in K-pop in the first place. One of them shared some choreographies with me, and I found everything quite fascinating because of the upbeat music videos, and the general over-the-top atmosphere of everything. The first K-pop video I saw was of BLACKPINK. The song was 뚜두뚜두, or in English, Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.

Just watch the music video and tell me you wouldn't get addicted to dancing to this too.

Then I went to my first K-pop party

It wasn't long before my curiousity overtook me, and going to some random K-pop party sounded like a good idea. Then that little moment, I mean, the big spark just hit me when I saw and met him. Let's just call him Jae Hyung, my now boyfriend and actually the first Asian guy I ever dated in my life. Something about him looking bored as hell at this party and the coincidence of K-pop playing just melted my heart. To this day, he is still (super-cutely) reluctant about talking about how we met. I always tell people we met at this K-pop party while he tells people we met at a party. This is where I need to remind him while slightly publicly shaming him that a K-pop party is not just any party. To me, it was, and always will be our party.

Why my love for K-pop has grown

Cool dance choreographies that make my non-k-pop fan friends jealous, an amazing boyfriend (we are almost at our one year anniversary), and endless Spotify playlists. What more could I ask for? People are always trying to ask me how and why I got so into K-pop. The truth is, I really don't know, and maybe I'll never know. I don't feel like being someone's book, and I definitely don't want people to label me as anything. I just love what I love, and that just so happens to be K-pop. It's also a plus that K-pop is probably not going to go anywhere but up in the years to come.

Looking back, I feel like there must have always been something inside me that drew me to K-pop, and I guess I just didn't know what. And to me, it's not just any one particular thing. It really is everything. It is partly from my passion. It is partly from my attraction to all things that are exciting, wonderful, and happy. A touch of romance in-between also never hurt anyone. If I went all the way back to "normal" me, I would probably just have convinced myself to get into it all earlier instead of riding solo... lo lo lo lo lo.