Gary Chang Fits 24 Room Layouts into 1 Hong Kong Apartment

By Sass

Gary Chang Fits 24 Room Layouts into 1 Hong Kong Apartment

We all know that cities can make living situations quite cramped, and Hong Kong is no exception. With only 350 square feet, or approximately 32 meters, to spare (the size of an average master bedroom in the U.S.), architect Gary Chang defied the obstacles that compact space presents, and created 24 types of rooms within 1 apartment. Not only was he able to create such an incredible layout, he also decided to make the apartment eco-friendly. LEED would definitely give him some brownie points if he had established his unit in the U.S.

What led to the tiny home development?

Growing up in a small apartment as a child and teenager, Chang took initiative in 1988, and began experimenting with making tight spaces more efficient. His ability to treat his apartment as a playground allowed him to alter its structure through various renovations. After 30 years of development, the apartment ended up including a kitchen, a library that covers a hidden laundry area, lounge, and even a bar. His brilliantly completed apartment is definitely a architectural wonder for viewers to see, and truly a work of art.

To take a brief tour of his apartment, and learn more, just take a look at the faircompanies video.


All of this might better demonstrate Hong Kong's particular situation with limited housing and high demand. While the city has a lot of land available, only a small percentage of the land is actually used for housing. This significantly increases the prices of housing for the majority of residents. Perhaps the future of Hong Kong's housing issue lies in creativity, and what is most needed is adaptable housing that can cater to specific needs.