Best International Travel Destinations Reopening Right Now

By Sass

Best International Travel Destinations Reopening Right Now

We've all gone a little nuts dealing with the anxieties of the pandemic. Luckily, there are different ways people have managed to cope with the stress. For travelers, it's been especially harsh considering their passion is traveling, and well, how can you pursue your passion of traveling if you can't travel?

Thankfully, things are looking up now, and a number of popular tourist destinations are all opening back up. Some countries are easing into their reopenings going region by region while others are taking a more laissez-faire approach. Either way, it's nice to see things reopen now (aka hope is real after all).

So without further ado, here are some of the best places open for travel again with short excerpts on each location's travel status. Just heads up for those reading more carefully, destinations have only been included if travel for all foreigners is allowed.


This Caribbean island is opening up before the start of July. There is a 10 PM curfew for most major businesses, but for tourists this might be of less concern than being able to just relax by the waters. In total, Aruba has only had a little over 100 cases of coronavirus – not too bad for a popular destination.


Even though this beautiful tourist destination is open, mandatory 14 day quarantine is required. Being in such a lovely spot here doesn't seem like such a bad way to spend quarantine though if you find a nice accommodation next to the ocean.


Just look up the Angkor Wat temple, and tell me you wouldn't want to check out this adventure-friendly country. There's a catch though, you will need proof of a clean COVID-19 test along with proof of medical insurance that will cover you up to 50k USD (these requirements are on top of meeting visa requirements). Also, if anyone tests positive for coronavirus on your flight, everyone on that flight including you will need to be in a 14-day quarantine.


If you're keen on being in South America then Ecuador is definitely a good travel destination for you. International flights have resumed and those flying in just have to submit proof of COVID-19 testing.


A popular destination with travelers even prior to the pandemic, Georgia will be reopening its country by July 1 to all foreigners. The country has been putting a lot into promoting itself as a "safe" tourism zone in recent months. For Americans, this country has the extra perk of allowing U.S. citizens to enter or leave Georgia without a visa for up to 365 days.


Greece's Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, stated that things will be a little different with travel this time around. This means that there won't be crazy crowds nor open bars everywhere, but that doesn't mean that tourists can't experience the country's natural awesomeness. While testing might be required for certain travelers, the country expects to reopen by July 1.


Jamaica was one of the earliest countries to reopen itself to tourism on June 15. For those who enjoy a tropical climate with beautiful sand and water everywhere, this is definitely the place to be.

South Korea

Home of K-pop, bibimbap, and basically everything we love in this life, this country is open to international travelers. Upon arrival to this country, be prepared for rigorous testing to ensure that anyone coming in is free of coronavirus. BUT, but, but, about that bibimbap tho.

The Maldives

Don't worry if you were planning a honeymoon, this fantastic destination will be re-open to all international tourists by July 1. The only requirements are that one must stay for at least 14 nights, and provide proof of COVID-19 testing.


Back in action and a perfect destination for travelers in Africa, Tanzania is open to international flights. Something that differentiates this place with the others on the list is that mandatory quarantine is not required. If you're a lover of wildlife and gorgeous nature then this is definitely the spot for you.